I have not been here for ten months.

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This Blog Is Now An Archive

Thank you all for being wonderful over the last year and a bit. 

Anonymous said: But I'm not fed up of you!! I said that this was frustrating because I don't want to talk as an anon, not especially about this thing >.<

I know, don’t worry!!  It’s annoying and I hate it, but I don’t see any other way I can break off from this and move on.  


Aww, thank you :)

Anonymous said: you know you can still run the other blogs you have from your new account (just add a new member from this one i think first) and then just come back here, delete this blog and have your fresh start

The main problem is that running my side-blogs and tumblr posting to the wrong one got me into this mess in the first place, and I really don’t want to lose all of my fics/graphics/etc. that I have up on this blog.  I’ll just turn off the Ask and leave it as-is, but I’m not going to delete all the hard work I’ve done. 

Anonymous said: I want to say something but not as an anon because I don't want that haters see it but I can't go to my lap right now. This is frustrating >.<

Aw, it’s okay.  I’m fed up myself but that’s why I need to do this.

Anonymous said: what happened today? o.O? But if you put the link of your new blog, those that harass your blog might go there too

Maybe; maybe I’ll just leave it up for a bit, but I already changed my username on *this* blog today so they shouldn’t be able to find me but they can still go through my old posts, so I want to completely break free from that.  

Basically I posted an ‘unpopular opinion’ on a different blog but tumblr glitched and posted it to *my* blog, and the person I was arguing with, who has a lot of followers, called me out directly on their blog so I had to go into panic mode and change everything.  

lol see i haven’t done anything yet and i’m already losing followers.  thanks guys, nice to know you’d stick around if i started a new blog 


Anonymous said: But what about everything you have done, you're going to delete it? or you're going to let them in this blog? I'm on my phone and I wish I could ask all this not being anon but I can't access to my tumblr account from my phone and I wish this wouldn't be public.

No, everything will stay as-is, just nothing new will be added to the blog after today.  I’ll put up a general post with a link to my new blog and we’ll see who follows me over there.  

Anonymous said: I don't understand why people care so much about massive numbers, those 'two notes' or less than 10, are people, why don't you focus in them rather than the others. I don't understand why do you mean with the 'starting over', what it's going to involve exactly? I don't like this, I love your blog and I'm not the only one :(

I do, but if they want to follow me, they’ll follow my other blog.  I just…have gotten too much hate and I want to get away from that.  I don’t like it either but people have forced me to this, like so many others, but I could never abandon tumblr entirely.  I just need to be more careful about what I post because that ‘you’re free to your own opinion on your own blog’ thing isn’t exactly true anymore :/